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Increase Your Visibility

If you're not on Google page one for several if not dozens of the right keywords you are literally losing customers and sales to the competition. Climb to page #1 on Google and watch your Business Grow.

Increase Your Customers

No tricks, no gimmicks, just results. Our Digital Marketing Systems and Strategies will help you drive more customers to your websites, products, and offers than any other online marketing methods.

Increase Your Sales Revenue

SEO done right - is never another marketing expense. It is a sound and serious investment in your business bringing Increased Exposure + Increased Traffic + Increased Customer Base = Increased Sales & Revenue.

If Google Can’t Find You… Neither Will Your Customers…

85% of All Clicks Take Place Within the Top 20 Organic Search Results of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

  • And, 60% of that traffic only utilizes the top few "organically ranked" search results. Not the Pay Per Click (PPC) Ad results.

  • We are Digital Marketing SEO Experts ready to develop a customized campaign for your Business to take over the search engines.

  • We don’t offer "cookie cutter" type campaigns. Each client we work with has a unique set of marketing and optimization needs, that requires full and individualized attention to detail, planning, measurement and execution.

If You're Not Dominating Search, You're Willingly Giving up Sales to the Competition

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Search Engine Optimization

Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, and other Google algorithm updates! How do you keep up?, By yourself you can't. Only an SEO Mastermind Brain Trust can effectively stay on top of the Google Universe. Take advantage of our Mastermind Network today.

Social Media Domination

Social Media Management - Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc... Social Media has revolutionized the way modern Businesses promote themselves, engage with customers, create trends, build brands and customer loyalty.

Local Search Marketing

For local Businesses Search Engine Rankings are the life blood. Gone are the days of the Big Yellow Book. Today if you don't pop up at the top of local results on smartphones, tablets, and PC's, you just lost business to your competitors.

Web Anylytics

Optimize every resource. Keep your campaign on track. Competitive analysis and market research are key components of every successful online marketing campaign. Get the Data you need to succeed with your Online Business.

Your Competition is About to Get Knocked Out

Never Satisfied with Average Results?

Neither are we. We're never satisfied with the status quo. If you are looking for average results or to be "just ordinary", - maybe you should try xyz.seo - we deliver above average results for above average players.

Always Refining Your Craft?

We are... so you'll always enjoy better and better results. We mastermind with only the brightest minds in SEO and Online Marketing. We are not only creating and testing the strategies of the day, we're designing the future.

Trend Setters, Maverics, Leaders?

Innovation and results oriented success is at the very heart of our Business model. Constantly pursuing mastery, we don't just strive to rank you on the front page of Google, we want you to take the place over.


  • Unlike paid advertising SEO is an investment never an expense.

  • Let us customize a plan for you and build a quote that fits your individual needs and provides the right return on investment.

  • Let us carefully evaluate your market, your competition, and your current business model, and custom design a winning game plan for you.


  • It is our desire to partner with you and help you grow your business.

  • You will never be shuffled off to some faceless employee in some gigantic SEO agency.

  • You will have a direct line to us at all times (cell phone #'s and emails), and If you ever have a question, concern, or need an update we are always happy to hear from you.

Monthly Reporting

  • Stay on top of what is going on with your site and your online marketing.

  • Never feel in the dark about your digital marketing campaigns ever again.

  • We will keep you up to date with your rankings and pertinent news related to your sites performance, upcoming events, or changes that may impact your Business.


  • The web is an ever changing environment. Search engines constantly test, evolve, and change.

  • It takes a mastermind of the best SEO's on the planet to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Put our massive brain trust to work for you today. Let us handle the strategy for what's working now and in the future.

Put Your Marketing in the Fast Lane Today

SEO Genius Welcome to Diablo Valley SEO and Digital Marketing

Imagine what a #1 Google listing could do for your Business

It is easy to see just how important ranking for the right key word terms and phrases your customers are searching for is. Just imagine what a #1 Google search engine ranking could do for your Business.

Need more traffic sales and leads?

If your Business is looking for more traffic and customers in the San Francisco Bay Area, regionally, nationally, or globally, you are in the perfect place. Our Firm specializes in bringing you more customers and revenue no matter what line of work you are in or how big your target market is.

“Your Business is unique, specialized, and tailored to your particular niche, and market, shouldn’t your online marketing plan receive the very same attention to detail?”

Do you need a Custom Strategy for your Success?

Let us employ our years of Online Marketing Experience, Search Engine Optimization Skills, and Website Design Ingenuity to custom design a strategy that meets Your Unique Business Needs.

You can’t take the “cookie-cutter” approach to your web-marketing and achieve dominant results. That’s why we don’t offer standardized, one size fits all marketing packages to our clients. Let us work together with you to custom design and engineer exactly what you’ll need to take the lead and rule your market today.

When you are ready to Dominate, Fill out our Company Discovery Form and let us do the analysis. We will provide you with a careful assessment of your website, listen carefully to your specific needs and goals, determine your potential ROI, and decide together whether our SEM services are a good fit for your Business.

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